U.S. Major Moving Company Tips

The best way to save money when you move is by saving time. Follow a few simple rules to make moving easier and cheaper for you.



Whenever the movers arrive they usually struggle to find parking, especially in certain areas of Los Angeles. Because of that they're wasting 15-30 minutes of your time - and time is money.
     Please, save the parking space before the movers arrive with the truck.

How to save a parking space:


     Los Angeles Department of Transportation can provide temporary permit for moving and more. To get this permit click the link..

   Or the easiest way - just park at least two cars next to each other in front of the entrance.

Please make sure that:
  - on the day you move there is no street cleaning
  - the parking space is very close to your front door (more walking distance -more time)
  - the loading zone approximately 20 - 35 feet
  - the tree branches are not too low above parking space (not less than 14 feet)

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The best way to save money on packing is to box up as much stuff as you can before the move.

Packing is a big thing in moving and it takes time. Here are some tips how to make it easier and faster for you:

- The less small items movers need to pack the faster the move will be, so please try your best to   box up all the small things you've got.
- if your dresser, armoire etc. are too heavy the best way to say time and money is to unload it         and put all of it in boxes.
- heavy items should go in a smaller boxes (books, magazines, plates etc)
- if you mark every box it will be so much easier when unloading, I know it doesn't sound like a       big deal but it can save you lots of time if you're know where every box is going at the new           place.
- try to pack the bed sheets before hand. Movers will wrap your mattress/box spring in plastic, so   if they don't have to take and pack the sheets it saves you time and money.
- please mark all the boxes that have fragile stuff in them, it will not only save you time but also     will protect your items.
- stack your boxes on top of each other - for the big ones try not to stack more than 2 boxes high, for medium not more than 3, for small ones - 4,     it will be easier for movers to put it on a dolly and bring to the truck right away

In the end the more organized your stuff will be before the day of moving the easier the move will be for you.

In order to move your furniture to a new place without damaging it, our movers are carefully packing it in special blankets.

Your kitchenware in special wrapping paper.

Small items, clothes and other stuff in boxes.

It takes some time. So its better for you to pack stuff before hand such as kitchenware, small things, etc. it will save you money.

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