Best Affordable Commercial Moving Service Provider in Los Angeles

U.S. Major Moving Company provides its clients with the best moving services in the area of commercial freight transportation in California. We are equipped to serve your many needs in many different areas.

What we provide:

Efficient and reliable service
Adherence to terms
negotiated with client
Careful and professional handling of goods

If you are transporting up to 10,000 pounds of freight per truck, you are eligible for many different commercial moving options.

The distance of proposed move, the urgency of expected delivery and the type of transported goods all factor into what kind of package deal the customer is offered. We have a skilled team of specialists who will create the best possible offer for you based on your needs. The standard procedure for estimating the total price for commercial moving starts with evaluating the best travel route to take to transport the goods. Then we calculate the estimated costs associated with the move. Based on these factors, the team chooses the most appropriate vehicle for the delivery. Lastly the client is presented with the final agreement and supporting documentation, which must then be signed to finalize the terms.

U.S. Major Moving Company is a leader in providing high quality moving services. We are able to do so because of our great experience in logistics and excellent technological capabilities. Our specialists are very knowledgeable in the field of commercial transportation and can guarantee the best travel routes and efficient implementation of transportation goals. Our logistical interconnectedness and operational efficiency are key factors in the successful fulfillment of any moving needs.

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