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Get Best Affordable Commercial Moving Labors  in Los Angeles

If you are planning to move on your own, this is a great option for you! U.S. Major Moving Company offers experienced professional movers for rent to help you with any of your needs, whether packing, loading or heavy-lifting. You can get a U-haul truck and rent a couple of our movers to save the most money. Just hire a few of our guys for the load and unload and tell them what to do!

Get Best Affordable Commercial Moving Labors  in Los Angeles

Don’t pay additional fees and hidden costs!

Watch out for hidden costs when choosing a moving company! Often times companies will give you an initial price, but then add-on additional charges for labor, plastic wrap, tape packaging supplies, truck, stairs and gas. In the end you are unknowingly overcharged and you must pay because you signed a contract. Avoid these scams! Compare prices upfront and make sure you are informed about all expected charges and taxes.

Why US Major Moving Company?

The U.S. Major Moving Company respects your right to know all charges upfront and practices cost transparency. Our specialists will work closely with you to meet your moving needs and provide you with an estimate of your projected moving-related expenses. We respect your budget and help you accurately calculate what you will need for the move. Feel free to contact us via any convenient manner, email, phone or post and we will try to answer any questions you may have. Also, if you are projecting a large move, call us and we will happily provide you with a free moving estimate. Our experienced moving team will come to your house and evaluate what materials you will need, how much time it will take and how much money it will cost.

The U.S. Major Moving Company guarantees quality service. Our moving team takes great care in preparing your items for the move. Furniture is securely wrapped and padded before loading. We also make sure to carefully examine it for any damage before and after the move. If you have any complaints about the quality of service that anyone on our moving team provides, feel free to contact our office. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with any issue you may have.

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